Representation in ‘Doctor Who’: The Doctor Is Non-Binary and Gender-Fluid

Laying the Foundation for a Non-Binary Doctor Who

The foundation for this was first laid when the 10th Doctor regenerated (we’ll save the numbering debate for another day and use the most common numbering).

More Non-Binary Time Lords Are Introduced: The Corsair and Missy

The Corsair

In “The Doctor’s Wife” we learn about the Time Lord: The Corsair.


When we are introduced to Missy in “Dark Water,” the 12th Doctor doesn’t even flinch that Missy’s presentation is now that of a woman when he becomes aware of who Missy is. The Doctor sees Missy for their innate not-very-nice (to be polite) Time Lord. The thing that shocks The Doctor is the fact that Missy is alive.

Trans People Don’t “Identify As”, We Are — A Time Lord Is Not a Man or a Woman, They Are a Being

There is a problem with saying, “The Doctor is a woman.” While we may see The Doctor using female pronouns while presenting as a woman to make things less complicated, that does not mean they are a woman.

Lessons and Representation in Doctor Who: Time Lords Aren’t Misgendered or Dead-Named

In “Dark Water,” The Doctor went as far as to refer to Missy using female pronoun when talking about her childhood, as it should be. The Doctor never referred to Missy as “The Master”. Missy wasn’t once a man and now she’s a woman. Rather, Missy is presenting as a woman now and is using female pronouns, therefore those are the pronouns to use while in this form, regardless of which period in the past is being referred. Missy is The Mistress and has always been.

Welcoming a Non-Binary Doctor

Jodie Whittacker is a wonderful choice for The Doctor. While most people are going to continue to choose to see The Doctor as a woman now, instead of gender-fluid or non-binary being whose foundation has been building for seven years, those of us on the trans spectrum are celebrating something else.

Jules Sherred



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