Recreate “That” Famous Meme With the Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure — Limited Edition SDCC Variant by Mondo

7 min readFeb 28, 2022

If you spend any time on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly seen the “Sad Wolverine” meme. In the 90’s Fox Kids’ X-Men the Animated Series, Wolverine pines after Jean Grey, who is in a relationship with Scott Summers. Someone took a couple of frames from the episode where Wolverine stares wistfully at a photo of Scott and Jean, Photoshopped a different picture into the picture frame, and thus an internet meme was born. If you Google “Sad Wolverine,” you’ll find dozens of variants on this meme; I’ve even created a GeekDad version as seen below.

Well, last year Austin-based Mondo went and did a thing, and announced they were making a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sixth-scale figure immortalizing that meme. The figure soon sold out, but thankfully I was still able to get my hands on one. The retail price of the Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure — Limited Edition SDCC Variant is $200, and features Wolverine in his blue and gold outfit as seen in the animated series. Mondo also produced a “Pryde of the X-Men” variant with Wolverine in his yellow and brown costume, priced identically at $200. Both editions have sold out, but you can enter your email on the respective webpages to get notified in case of a restock for both versions.

The Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure — Limited Edition SDCC Variant was created by:

Concept Design: Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce
Sculptors: Tufan Sezer and Hector Arce
Packaging Illustration: Eric Anderson
Packaging Design: Mike Bonanno
Paint: Hector Arce
Art Direction: Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce


I’ve said it before when reviewing figures from Mondo, and I’ll say it again: Mondo really knows how to package their collectibles. When the Wolverine figure arrived, I was surprised at just how big of a box it came in.


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