Ready Player Fun: A Visit to the National Videogame Museum

6 min readMar 25, 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes

One of the Dallas area’s more recent museum spaces combines a nostalgic trip back to in time with a look at the evolution of the gaming world for an interactive, educational experience for all ages.

The National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas bills itself as the “only dedicated video game museum in the country.” The museum’s exhibits are the culmination of around 25 years of organizations like Digital Press, Classic Gaming Expo and the Videogame History Museum’s work to “preserve the history of the video game industry” into what has evolved into the largest video game collection and largest permanent video game exposition in the world.

The non-profit museum was first given its home in part of the Frisco Discover Center in 2014, thanks to a unanimous vote from city representatives, and opened its doors in April of 2016. It has around 10,000 square feet with 20 displays showing off more than 100,000 video game consoles, games, and other artifacts. There are rare items including one of only two existing Atari Mindlink controllers, as well as popular items and games that might jolt some personal memories.

We got a chance to visit the museum this month during a family visit, and it was a trip highlight for everyone.

The museum not only shows the history of the video games from Pong to virtual reality, it shows how important marketing has played in the industry. There were walls and walls of examples of Second and Third Party games, home and commercial consoles, and thousands of promotional items from t-shirts to buttons. We had blast finding which items we actually owned or “knew someone who did,” as well as the items we “always wanted” but never got.

We also got to see how multiple player games work on home computers, and view a comparison of the various ways different console and game makers handled the graphics of popular home versions of games, using Frogger as an example. Some exhibits were devoted to the phenomenon and popularity surrounding a particular game including Mine Craft and the Don…


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