Puzzle Books for the Whole Family

Puzzle Ninja

Logic puzzles have always been a favorite of mine. My obsession with them as a kid helped me with critical thinking, test scores, general logic, and sequential tasks (thanks, Games Magazine!). So these puzzles aren’t just a fun pastime; they can also prepare your mind (or your kids’ minds) for important 21st-Century skills.

The Official Sherlock Puzzle Book

If you like some fandom in your puzzles, check this one out. It’s probably best for teens on up, especially if you’re a fan of the BBC series Sherlock.

Maze Quest

For the younger crowd who like fantasy stories and mazes, Maze Quest is a perfect blending of the two. If your kids are too young to do much reading on their own but love following paths, you can combine family reading time with some independent maze solving on your kids’ part. The book takes readers on an adventure to explore other realms with about 30 mazes to solve along the way. Solving the mazes is integral to the story line as you and your whole family embark on an important quest.



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