Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup: Gen Con Edition

8 min readAug 19, 2018

Posted on August 19, 2018 by Jonathan H. Liu

If you’ve read through my series of Gen Con recaps, you probably noticed that I mentioned quite a few upcoming Kickstarter projects. Here’s a list of them in one place, along with planned launch dates, so you can start budgeting your Kickstarter spending now!

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Of course, this isn’t anywhere near all of the games that are showing up in the next few months — it’s just the tiny sliver that I happened to see myself!

Super Camelot — Now

Super Camelot is from Catalyst Game Labs, and has just a little over a day left to go! If you like 16-bit adventures, check it out.

Guild Master — August 27

Guild Master is from Good Games Publishing, and features some simultaneous action selection, upgrading your guild and your novices, and competing for contracts. I’ll be receiving a prototype of this one, hopefully in time to cover for the Kickstarter launch. See more here.

Thieves’ Den — August 28

Thieves’ Den is coming from Daily Magic Games and is set in the same world (with the same artist) as 10-Minute Heist. A bit of card-drafting, worker placement, and lots of thievery.

Gemini Dice Tower — late August

Gate Keeper Games adds to its gaming accessories and Halfsies dice with this modular dice tower and trays that snap together with magnets. It’s like gamer LEGO! Visit the Gate Keeper Games website to sign up for updates.


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