Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Thunderstone Quest’ Reboots a Deck-Building Favorite

23 min readJul 17, 2018

Posted on July 17, 2018 by Jonathan H. Liu

Thunderstone, one of the earlier deck-building games (and a personal favorite of mine), got a significant overhaul in Thunderstone Quest, which was Kickstarted last year and was delivered to backers earlier this year — but it was a Kickstarter-only game that did not have a wider retail distribution. Well, in case you missed it the first time around, it’s back on Kickstarter later today for a second print run, plus an additional quest and solo/cooperative mode. Come on in: I’ll show you around!

What Is Thunderstone Quest?

Thunderstone Quest is a game for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, and takes 60–90 minutes to play. Although the box says 14+, I’ve played with my 11-year-old as well and she was able to handle it. It’s more complex than some deck-building games like Dominion, but players who are experienced with the genre shouldn’t have too much trouble. The game has a fantasy dungeon crawl theme, so there are monsters of various sorts, but nothing that really bothered my kids. The Kickstarter launches today at noon (Eastern): visit the AEG website for the link.

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Thunderstone Quest is GeekDad Approved!

Thunderstone Quest Components

The Champion reward level included 5 quests (including the Kickstarter-exclusive “Total Eclipse of the Sun”); the base game included 2 quests (“A Mirror in the Dark” and “Risen from the Mire”), with the last two quests to be released separately in 2019.

The base game components include:

  • Village board
  • 4 Player boards
  • 5 dice
  • 32 Wound tokens

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