Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Dollars to Donuts’

10 min readJul 16, 2020

Time to make the donuts!

What Is Dollars to Donuts?

Dollars to Donuts is a tile-laying game for 1 to 4 players, ages 8 and up, and takes about 30–45 minutes to play. It’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, with a pledge level of $29 (plus shipping) for a copy of the game. The game requires some spatial reasoning for the tile-placement, and is appropriate for both kids and adults, especially those who enjoy puzzles.

Dollars to Donuts was designed by the Flatout Games team (Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich), published by Crafty Games, and illustrated by Dylan Mangini.

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Dollars to Donuts Components

Note: My review is based on a prototype copy, so it is subject to change and may not reflect final component quality. The victory tokens will be round donuts rather than the square tokens you see in my photos. The final components will depend on the funding level of the Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • 4 Player mats
  • 16 Starter tiles
  • Specials board
  • 24 Customer cards
  • 61 Donut tiles
  • 60 Dollar tiles
  • Cloth bag
  • 100 Victory tokens (donuts)
  • 42 Plain
  • 28 Chocolate Glazed
  • 18 Deluxe Sprinkle
  • 12 Jelly Filled

Kickstarter backers will also receive 3 promo customer cards (featuring Crafty Games personalities).

The artwork for the game is by Dylan Mangini, who also illustrated Point Salad, and it’s pretty delightful. The specials board is made to look like a chalkboard menu over a display of donuts. There’s a wide…


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