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Most would agree that the official Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition content has been a primarily landlocked and typically dry affair.

Until now.

Sure, there have been adventures set on tropical islands (Tomb of Annihilation), in the towns and cities along the Sword Coast (Hoard of the Dragon Queen), and some even featured daring rescues on the high seas (Storm King’s Thunder); but one thing that has been distinctly lacking is an adventure set primarily on or around the water.

After all, the oceans provide more than 90% of the habitable living space on our planet and houses well over 50% of life, and in the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, this is no different. So don’t you think it’s about time that WotC dusted off some of their classic water-based adventures and revised them for the modern age?

Thankfully, Ghosts of Saltmarsh does just that.

What Is The Ghosts of Saltmarsh?

Following in the same vein as Tales From the Yawning Portal, this collection of stories presents seven standalone modules that are thematically and geographically connected via the coastal city of Saltmarsh. Long-time D&D aficionados will recognize the name and will be excited at the prospect of revisiting some of the most epic and well-loved stories. From encounters with the sahuagin to bargains with dragon turtles, and from wading through swamps to sailing their own ship, Ghosts of Saltmarsh promises everything you could want from a sea-fairing campaign book, but does it deliver?

Here I utilize a familiar framework, asking five simple questions to see if this D&D book is the right one for you:

  1. Will I be interested in the story and will my players have fun?
  2. How easy is it to DM with the material given?
  3. What are the best bits?
  4. What are the worst bits?
  5. What extras are there that I can use in future campaigns?

Naturally, this article will contain spoilers. Note: Click here to see what I thought of WotC’s previous 5th Edition offerings

Will I be interested in the story and will my players…


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