GeekDad Paints! Lockdown Edition

3 min readMay 22, 2020

It’s a long time since I’ve written a GeekDad Paints! post. Before lockdown, my painting time had dwindled to nothing. If I needed anything painted for my Warhammer Underworlds games, I either did a rough job using Games Workshop’s contrast paints or I outsourced it to one of the kind supporters of Agents of Sigmar. The painting talents of the Agents supporters are off the scale-far better than anything I can do. But then lockdown arrived. I found I had a little more time on my hands, and that I definitely needed a creative outlet to help calm the mind. GeekDad Paints! Lockdown Edition was born.

With opportunities to make gaming videos reduced, I pondered whether to make my own painting “tutorials.” I put tutorials in quotation marks because I’m very much a student of painting rather than a teacher. Pretty much everything I know about painting, I’ve learned from Duncan Rhodes, Sorastro (who I interviewed here) or Guy at Midwinter Minis.

So why make videos? Well, firstly, because I thought it would be a fun exercise and I’d learn a new skill of sorts, and secondly, one thing writing for GeekDad and being part of Agents of Sigmar has taught me is that people appreciate seeing hobby time being squeezed into everyday life. For most of us, professional hobbying isn’t an option, even if we’d like it to be. Rough and ready paint jobs, amongst a morass of family detritus, definitely has an audience, albeit a very niche one!

Whilst painting, I started to think of the reasons I paint, what I get out of it, what I aim for, and the barriers to getting paint on a model, particularly for people like myself who are short of both skill and time. This formed part of my first video.

Nextomunda, Necromunda.

We’d made the decision at Agents of Sigmar that alongside our regular Warhammer Underworlds content we were going to play some Necromunda. We wanted to add some narrative play to our games, building a story week after week. There are lots of games we could have chosen to do this with, but Necromunda is…


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