Fun with Physics: BoomTrix Marble Trampolines

4 min readNov 4, 2020

Explore physics — and have a lot of fun doing it — with BoomTrix marble trampolines!

BoomTrix, from Goliath Games, is a series of sets of small trampolines and ball bearings, along with some other fun gadgets and devices so you can set up a course and send those metal marbles bouncing. I was sent the “Showdown” kit to try out, and my kids and I had a blast with it.

Here’s what comes in the Showdown set:

  • Ramp Tower
  • Booster
  • Stunt Ring
  • Firework Goal
  • 6 Trampolines
  • 4 Ramp Curves
  • 12 metal balls

The exact trampoline count is a little funny, because it counts the one attached to the booster (the center of the top row), but apparently does not count the one attached to the ramp tower, which is a different color than the rest but otherwise seems identical.

The ramp curves are small plastic bases that attach to the trampolines, holding them at an angle. The trampolines can be used with or without them, but you do need them to change the direction of the balls.

The tower and booster both require some assembly and stickering. The assembly is can be a little tricky, mostly because the instruction sheet isn’t very detailed, but we figured it out by comparing it to the pictures on the box as well.

The ramp tower is the launch tower: it has a chute that can hold more than the dozen balls provided in the kit, and also has a removable plastic tray at its base where you could presumably store even…


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