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  • Steve Webb

    Steve Webb

  • Ptd Family

    Ptd Family

  • Jaron Thomas

    Jaron Thomas

  • Larry Lee

    Larry Lee

    Senior Consultant with Capgemini. Blending Technology with Government Policy. People Matter, Results Count.

  • Bora Calin

    Bora Calin

  • Kelly Russell

    Kelly Russell

    Cannonball-er. NYS Fair junkie. Ad-er and SU ADjunct. Hungry for chocolate chip pancakes and killing it at the air fiddle.

  • Freddy Khalastchi

    Freddy Khalastchi

    I'm a partner at Menzies LLP. I specialise in restructuring, insolvency and forensic accounting and have a keen interest in corporate finance.

  • Zachary Nanayakkara

    Zachary Nanayakkara

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