‘Explorer: Lake of Fire’ Premieres on ‘National Geographic’

3 min readOct 26, 2023


'Explorer: Lake of Fire' Premieres on 'National Geographic'

In 2018, satellite imagery captured a mysterious ‘thermal anomaly’ on an unexplored volcano at the ends of the Earth. What lies inside could provide new clues to help predict volcanic eruptions around the globe. But the island is so remote, with conditions that are so extreme, no one has ever been able to reach the top to investigate what lies inside … until now. National Geographic has always produced some of the best documentaries and series on the natural world. They take viewers to places all over the world, many of which are virtually inaccessible and never before seen. Now they are taking us to Mount Michael, a live volcano on Saunders Island in the South Sandwich Islands

The Australis

The Australis heads towards Saunders Island in the South Sandwich Islands, where the expedition team will investigate whether a lava lake exists within Mount Michael. (National Geographic/Renan Ozturk)

What Is Explorer: Lake of Fire?

Explorer: Lake of Fire is a documentary documentary that follows a team of volcanologists to the south Atlantic. There on an island between South America, Africa, and Antarctica, the scientists seek to discover if a rare lava lake sits in the caldera of Mount Michael. If so, they hope to study this lake of fire in order to better understand how volcanoes operate with the hopes of learning how eruptions might be predicted so as to save lives in the future. The episode premieres on National Geographic TV on Thursday, October 26th and then begins streaming on Friday October 27 on Disney+ and Hulu. Explorer: Lake of Fire was directed by Renan Ozturk and produced by Sixty Six Media, Inc. for National Geographic. Drew Pulley is the executive producer with Jeanmarie Condon as senior executive producer.

base camp

Members of the expedition team stand in base camp on Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands. Each tent has a wall of snow and ice to help protect against the elements. (National Geographic/Renan Ozturk)

Why You Should See Explorer: Lake of Fire

I have been impressed at the quality of National Geographic’s shows, and this show is no exception. Explorer: Lake of Fire follows these volcanologists as they first sail to the island, get from the boat to the island, establish a base camp in the cold, harsh environment, and then make a dangerous climb to the top of Mount Michael to see what is up there. I highly recommend watching Explorer: Lake of Fire. As with other National Geographic projects, this show is both entertaining and educational. I gained a greater appreciation for volcanologists. Though I knew they had hazardous jobs since they are studying volcanoes which can be dangerous, the challenges this team surmounted just to climb up the icy slopes in freezing weather was amazing. Explorer: Lake of Fire also features some great visuals as well as enlightening commentary by the scientists themselves.

expedition team

Three members of the expedition team brace against the elements, roped together as they climb Mount Michael on Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands. (National Geographic/Renan Ozturk)
Be sure to watch Explorer: Lake of Fire when it premieres on National Geographic TV on Thursday, October 26th. It then begins streaming the following day on Disney+ and Hulu. Here is a trailer for the show.





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