‘D&D Waterdeep Dragon Heist’: Session 1

10 min readFeb 13, 2019

Posted on February 12, 2019 by Simon Yule

Dragon Heist Session One: A troll walks into a bar…

The adventurers sat at a sturdy wooden table in the crowded Yawning Portal tavern, soaking up the atmosphere. And the mead. They had been in Waterdeep for just over a month and had some work as investigators, but tonight they were having a night off. They watched as a group of would-be adventurers prepared to make the descent into the fabled dungeon below the tavern. It would be a long time before they were ready to go down to Undermountain themselves. Suddenly the noise of gambling, drinking, and cheering was eclipsed by a shout from by the bar, “Ya Pig! Like killin’ me mates does ya!” A seven-foot-tall half-orc was struck by a wild, swinging punch from a man whose shaved head was covered in eye-shaped tattoos. “FIGHT!”

Last night was the first session in our new online Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign and it started with a tavern brawl.

This article is the second in a series of session reports from the Dungeon Master’s perspective and it will contain spoilers. If you are a player in a Dragon Heist campaign you may not want to read on. If you are searching for a review of the campaign book then click here.

The Setup

After the conclusion of our Curse of Strahd campaign, I have taken on the mantle of Dungeon Master for our D&D group and we were all keen to get started with the new Dragon Heist campaign. We are playing via Skype and using D&D Beyond and Trello to keep track of characters and general campaign notes. So we are once more relying heavily on technology, and entirely at the mercy of the internet.

Naturally there were a couple of technical issues during last night’s first Dragon Heist session. For once it was my internet connection that was struggling to keep up, causing my screen to lag and my connection to drop. Note to self: I must remember to complete the ritual sacrifice more promptly in the future. Although I am running out of fresh kittens.

The party

Last week we held a Session Zero for character creation and came up with the party of heroes that would be braving the streets of…


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