‘Blood Bowl:’ Season 2 Is Here

7 min readNov 23, 2020

Blood Bowl has been part of the Games Workshop stable for over 30 years. During that period, the company has supported the game to a varying degree, but the arrival of a new version 4 years ago, rehabilitated it from the gaming wilderness. Since then it’s had regular new additions, and now it’s been updated again. Blood Bowl Season 2 is here!

Blood Bowl is available for preorder now. And will go on general sale Saturday 21st November. Preorders will be eligible for a free Steam code for the Blood Bowl 3 closed beta. I’m not sure if this offer will continue after Friday 20th November.

What is Blood Bowl Season 2?

I must confess, I’m far from being a Blood Bowl aficionado but this set might convince me to get back out on the pitch on looks alone. This review is written, as most of my GW reviews are, from the point of few of somebody new to the hobby/game or for parents who find the Warhammer world bewildering.

First up, the models are something else. I really like the quality of the new teams. The rules are supposed to have been streamlined, though, on the box the time for a game is still given as 1–3 hours. These days, for me, 1 hour is fine for a game but 3 is waaaaay too long.

Nevertheless, when there are models like the new Necromantic Horrors arriving, it’s hard to resist getting into the game just for the pleasure of painting the teams. If this level of quality is what we can expect for future releases, Blood Bowl is going to be the finest looking game GW makes, and that’s beating off some pretty stiff competition.

What’s in the Blood Bowl Season 2 Box?

As I’m talking about the teams. Lets’s start with them. New Blood Bowl comes with the traditional humans and orcs, that I think have come with every core set. They’ve been given an entirely new flavor though. The human team are “Imperial Nobility.” For those of us who are nostalgic for the Old World, these models will bring a tear to the eye. These guys scream Graf Boris Todbringer from every pore. The new Orc team are the Black Orcs, which, as they were always the more brutal members of the old orc team, is more than a little terrifying for potential opponents.


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