Bionik Helps Make the Most of an Aging Nintendo Switch

4 min readAug 14, 2019

With the Nintendo Switch Lite soon to be making the scene and slightly revamped original Switch units with beefier batteries already on shelves, it’s totally understandable to find yourself looking at your old launch-day Switch like yesterday’s jam.

The good news is you can easily breathe a bit of new life into your system for far less than the price of outright replacing it thanks to the team at Bionik.

I originally discovered Bionik last year with the release of the TV Lynx, an ultra-portable Switch dock alternative that quickly became a must-have travel accessory. Lately, as I spend more and more of my time playing in handheld mode, the TV Lynx has seen a drop in usage, but don’t fret; two new items from Bionik have recently become even more indispensable.

The fact that the Switch-even in its newer iterations-doesn’t support Bluetooth headsets continues to be a glaring, nagging oversight. This has opened up the market for a veritable deluge of third-party audio adaptors, at a variety of price points and of sometimes-dubious quality. I’ve long resolved myself to just using wired headphones, though, as even the more recognizable names tended to put out big, obtrusive dongles that fly in the face of the overall Switch aesthetic.

All this changed when I discovered the BT Audio Sync.

Priced at $39.99, Bionik’s solution to Switch audio woes is both low-profile and effortless to use. Simply attach it to the USB-C charging port, place your device in pairing mode, and press the prominent orange button to sync your wireless cans or earbuds. The only drawback? Its’ flush design means it can’t be used with system cases, even the thin dockable kind. But given the stellar audio it delivers even with a mid-range set of wireless headphones, it’s a sacrifice I’m more than willing to make.

Not only does the BT Audio Sync require no additional batteries, its power-draw from the Switch is minimal-it hasn’t noticeably impacted my second Three Houses playtime at all-and a pass-through port actually allows you to charge the Switch even with the adaptor…


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