‘Amazing Tales’ RPG: Epic Adventures for Your Little Ones

5 min readMar 27, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Though my daughter is getting older, and probably about ready to handle the complexity of Dungeons & Dragons, I’m still on the lookout for great tabletop role-playing games for kids that are fun to play and keep young players interested.

Martin Lloyd’s Amazing Tales says it delivers an RPG experience for kids as young as 4. Well, I am intrigued. Let’s check it out!

What is the book like?

Amazing Tales arrived as a 96-page hardcover tome. The book is super-solid in quality and looks great on a bookshelf, with full-color and black & white illustrations by Iris Maertens. The art is colorful, bright, and works very well in conveying an imaginative adventure environment appropriate for young children. The whimsical character art shows diversity in regards to gender and race.

Overall, Amazing Tales is a nice production.

What do you need to play?

Amazing Tales uses four polyhedral dice (d6, d8, d10, & d12) that you’ll need to procure; although suggestions are provided for using a single six-sided die. You’ll also want a pencil and a piece of paper to create a hero and your imagination. It’s as simple as you can get.

What are the settings for adventures?

Amazing Tales includes four sample settings to craft stories:

  • The Deep Dark Wood, featuring fairies and talking animals
  • Magical Kingdoms Long Ago, featuring princes/princesses, knights, wizards/witches, explorers and rangers
  • Pirate Seas, featuring swashbuckling pirates
  • Adventures Beyond The Stars, featuring space explorers, aliens, and robots

In each of these settings, options are given for playing the above types of featured heroes along with suggestions of skills to get started. Also, every setting has a few pages of simple story hooks and tips on how to make stories in that space, as much of the creative…


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