5 D&D One-Shots Perfect for 1st Level Characters

7 min readFeb 23, 2021

When looking for standalone stories or themed D&D one-shots, finding the best adventures to play with your Dungeons & Dragons group is not always easy. I’ve written before about searching for D&D one-shots, and how finding an adventure that only lasts one or two gaming sessions over a few hours can be a real challenge. It can be even harder to find suitable one-shots for new players or for those returning to the hobby that want to start at the lowest level.

So, following on from my previous articles looking into D&D one-shots, this post presents a small selection of low level stories that are designed for level 1 characters. Each from a different publisher, some of these D&D one-shots are part of larger collections, whilst others are available as single purchase adventures, but they are all designed for 1st level characters and are the perfect place for your players to try out those new character concepts they’ve been saving for a rainy day-and they can all be played remotely if needed, too.

To see those previous D&D one-shot articles click one of the links below:

Caves of the Cockatrice — Fantastic Lairs

Fantastic Lairs is a book of 23 purpose-built lair encounters for D&D 5th edition, designed to inspire and fit into any home campaign. Each lair works as either a standalone D&D one-shot, or can be slotted into a long-running campaign and includes various boss encounters for characters of all levels.

One-shot overview: A cockatrice and her twisted offspring have long laired in a cavern complex rumored to be a site of ancient fey magic. Treasure hunters, explorers, and underground wanderers are drawn to seek this mysterious site-and are never seen again. This lair is designed for four to five 1st level characters.

This is a fun 1st level adventure that can easily be modified for more or fewer players and will make a great start for a wider campaign if you want. The module is well put together and easily ran with minimal effort from the Dungeon Master and will offer fun rewards for players who are willing to put their new…


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